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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

'World of the strange'

icLiverpool has an interview with local ghost hunter, Tom Slemen... The subject? His latest book, "Strange Liverpool":

TOM SLEMEN, Liverpool's renowned ghost-hunter, was drawn into the art of story-telling by his grandmother, Rose. As a child, he would often visit and, in those pre-electronic gadget days that now engage youngsters from dawn to dusk, listen spellbound instead to her stories. Tom says: "She told me magical tales of Liverpool's past. She brought alive characters such as the Galosher Man, the Teacher Clock and Spring-Heeled Jack. My imagination was fired by her tales. "While I was researching Haunted Liverpool I found a lot of facts that would not fit into my paranormal story books. Thinking of my gran's stories, I thought, how about a 'Strange Liverpool', to follow up the Haunted and Mysterious series and I just went from there?
Who knew Liverpool was such a strange place? Not I, that's for sure... Well worth reading the entire thing - the article has 4 or 5 abbreviated (I assume) versions of stories that are in the book. If these stories are any indication of the books overall, this might be a series I need to add to my Amazon wish-list... Sounds like a good series


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