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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Someone's Going on Vacation

Wish it were me. Looks like a fun place to explore the spooky history...oh, yeah...and relax on the beaches.

Many years later in the 1700s, a young man from a fine English family began his nefarious career along the coast of Carolina and Virginia. Edward Teach (with variations in spelling) was said to have been the most dreaded of all pirates. Known as the infamous "Blackbeard", he was said to have a residence on the island. Lt. Robert Maynard of the British Navy was sent to capture Blackbeard in an effort to end his evil activities. Legend has it that during the long night preceding his capture, Blackbeard, impatient for the dawn cried out "O Crow Cock, O Crow Cock" and that from that came the name Ocracoke. In the ensuing battle he was beheaded and his head attached to Maynard’s vessel as a trophy. It is rumored that the headless body swam ‘round and ‘round the ship seven times. - Ocracoke History
After reading this story, might I suggest to my vacationing "buddy" to stay out of the water.... ;-)


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