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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Vampire Bats grounded

Long time readers of this site know I've shown far more interest in this movie than it's probably worth even before it went into production. I saw this news days ago, but more important things were happening. From MTV:

"Sunday morning we realized that with a category five [hurricane], the walls would be breached, so we just drove," recounted a still-panicked Lucy Lawless. The actress best remembered as the invincible Xena was feeling anything but heroic Friday (September 2) as she recounted her memories of Katrina striking with a terror far more frightening than anything contained in "Vampire Bats," the movie she'd been filming in New Orleans (see "President Bush Says Progress Being Made In Chaotic New Orleans"). "I kind of don't give a shit anymore, frankly," she said of the status of the film. "I don't care that our sweet little working lives have been disrupted. It's such a damn stinkhole there for all the people that we know and love and their homes. The state of our production is so [low priority] in our lives now."
Amen sister. Katrina, that bitch!


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