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Friday, September 16, 2005

Count Gore Ve Dal chat

The Washington Post hosted an online chat with Count Gore Vi Dal today. From the transcript:

Arkham, Mass.: Horror movie hosts like yourself and Fritz the Nite Owl of Chiller Theater in Columbus, Ohio, and Sir Graves Ghastly in Detroit -- great site maintained by a fan: -- made television watching an event. I have many fond memories of the programs not just because I saw cheesy horror films, but because the hosts made it fun, made it special. With stations losing ratings to ever increasing entertainment competition, shouldn't stations bring back programs like "Creature Feature?" Why don't station managers realize that to attract viewers they have to offer more than just a movie? They have to offer interesting and affable hosts. Count Gore De Vol: Unfortunately, there's another side to the picture. The cost of local production. Take into account crew, sets, equipment and electricity and you find that it's a very expensive proposition.
Lots of fun comments and memories from the Count's fans.


Blogger Keith said...

Cool! My Sir Graves Ghastly site got mentioned there! I'm jazzed. :) Someone alerted me to this earlier today. Glad you blogged about it here, Ben. Thanks and Happy Haunting!

9/16/2005 04:55:00 PM  

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