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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Run DMC ghost

I'd run, not walk this way, from the Run DMC ghost. From Virgin:

Run DMC rapper Reverend Run claims he was visited by the ghost of late bandmate Jam Master Jay only days after he was murdered. The hip-hop star, whose real name is Jason Simmons, claims Jay visited him from beyond the grave to demand money shortly after he was shot dead in a New York recording studio in October 2002. He said: "Jay came to me a couple of days after he passed and said I owed him some money. And let me know that when you die, you don't die. "I couldn't actually see him, but I could feel him. He was talking to me, saying, 'You owe me some money.' "I was like, 'Oh God,' because I was in charge of all the money so I offered to give him some right there and then and he was like, 'No no, give it to my wife.'
If the people that we owe money to haunt us after they die, I'm doomed. Doomed! I say!


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