The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Bloggers of the night! What sweet posts they make...VII

The Haunted Vampire invites Schaukasten to enter the sidebar freely and of his own will. Warrenzone reviews a punk rock show. I buried that part of my past 20 years ago, but it isn't dead! I offered Corpse Eater a special present on a post where he commerates his mother's birthday. No response yet from him on taking me up on my offer. M Valdemar seeks to summon the old gods. Mondo Schlocko works hard to create eerie things. Final Girl can't see in The Fog. Old Haunts reveals how he turned his brother into a zombie. Who knew he had the power of voo doo? You do? Perhaps this Fairy Queen can cast a spell to save us. Dark, But Shining has a tale of the resurrection of old monsters. The Groovy Age of Horror covers death and sleaze. (If that's not enticing, I don't know what is.) Fantastic Planet brings us a mad xylophone player. She's probably very dangerous. I know from experience an evil genius lurks in the heart of every 3-year-old girl, no matter how cute they may appear (it's part of their tricks -- I hope Corpse Eater doesn't see this). He also has details of a pagan spell that might have misfired. Bubblegumfink digs up a Phantom. Exclamation Mark shines a light on the mysterious.


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