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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Wakefield Today reporter joins spook hunt in pub

Reporters find any excuse to spend a night in a pub. The Wakefield (England) Today has a fun read:

A HAUNTED pub, midnight and me – three things you would not expect to find in the same sentence, but that is exactly where I found myself earlier this week.

I went on location with local paranormal investigators Truth Finders and BBC Radio Leeds to The Mill, in Ossett, for a ghost hunt that was broadcast live as part of the station’s week-long investigation into the weirder side of West Yorkshire.

Grown men have been known to flee in fear from the pub’s games room and kitchen and staff have refused to enter some rooms in the Dewsbury Road drinking hole.

New landlord Richard Jones and his wife Linda have yet to see a ghost, but say there is definitely something strange going on.

Richard said: “The salt and pepper pots will be on the table when we leave them at night but when we come in the next day, they will be on the floor.”

The hive of activity the ghostbusters have experienced at the pub in previous visits has made it one of their favourite locations.

They always go fully equipped to make sure they capture every spooky spectacle.

Group member Toby Ion had one of his scariest ever experiences at the pub. He said: “I was in the kitchen setting up a voice recording experiment. I was counting to test the tape and, as I did, there was a really loud bang in front of me like someone banging on the worktop.

“I am usually quite brave but I have never run so fast in my life."

Run, don't walk, to go read the rest of the story.


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