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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Book written on Chillicothe, Ohio UFOs

Normally I skip UFO stories, but this one in the Chillicothe Gazette is close to home:

Hammond's experience with the supernatural began late one night in 1983 when a ward nurse called security about lights in the sky. As he approached the building, he said he saw yellow lights coming nearer to the building. "I knew to look up to the sky (because of the call). Otherwise, I probably would have driven right by it," Hammond said. "It reminded me of a Xerox machine and it was almost like there were images being reflected back to that craft ... It was very scary. I got out of the cruiser and started to run." After the incident, Hammond, now 48, worked at the VA until 1987 and continued researching similar occurrences. He said some departments at the hospital had been reporting sightings since 1959 and while he was working there, two more occurrences were reported to him in 1986. His curiosity about the occurrence he witnessed has never left him and it took therapy, he said, to rid himself of nightmares about that 1983 night. "I would wake up at 3 and 4 a.m. screaming ... I was worried my neighbors would hear me and think I was crazy, but other times I hoped they would (hear me) so they could help me," Hammond said.


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