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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Actress's ghost haunts Plymouth theater

The Plymouth (England) Evening Herald has the spooky details:

Ghostly apparitions, unexplained noises and doors that unlock themselves - Plymouth's ABC Cinema is showing a lot more than just the latest big-screen epics these days. The cinema has experienced a number of spooky goings-on, which staff say get noticeably worse when the cinema is showing a scary film. Stories have been circulating for years that the cinema is haunted, with one suggesting it could be the ghost of an actress who committed suicide in one of the old dressing-rooms at the rear of the building, which used to be a theatre. Manager Carole Nelson said there had been reports of ghostly sightings of a woman in a long red skirt and jacket with black braiding round the neck and arms. The apparition has become such a regular feature at the cinema that staff have even given her a name - Emma. Staff have also noticed random cold spots in the cinema and seats which do not spring back to the upright position when not in use, giving the impression that someone is sitting in them. All the sightings occur around the cinema's Screen Two, and when spooky films are shown the complex often suffers problems with its sound system. Ms Nelson said many of the cinema's staff felt uncomfortable working in Screen Two, one even giving up his job because he was so unsettled. Customers had reported cold spots and the feeling of an unnatural presence.
The entire story is worth reading with great details of a traditional-style haunting.


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