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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Rob Zombie: 'The Devil's Rejects'

I'm a big fan of Rob Zombie's work so I find this news really exciting. As usual, Fangoria has the story covered well:

Fango friend Rob Weisman, an LA-based producer, attended a top-secret screening of Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL'S REJECTS and gave us some advance word—and it's all good!

"For anybody sick, tired and ready to throw up from all the PG-13 rated 'horror' movies being cranked out, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS is a real treat," Weisman tells Fango. "Not only is it R-rated, but it is so hardcore R that it almost falls into the category of an NC-17. This movie kicks ass! It’s even better than HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and was more fun than most of the horror movies I have recently seen."

Our critic liked the sequel from the get-go. "The opening Western-style shootout is fantastic," he says. "The film moves at a great pace. There are many tortured victims and tons of sick killings, one of which involves a vehicle. The thing I love about Rob Zombie as a moviemaker is that he seems to get his vision to the screen without holding back or toning down. He is an artist who isn’t afraid to display his art. People are going to be very surprised with this one.... Not only is THE DEVIL'S REJECTS a great horror movie, it’s so much more!"

MTV also covered the story since Rob has that other job as a bad-ass rocker.

If you saw Rob Zombie's first horror movie, 2003's "House of 1000 Corpses," it should terrify you that the singer/director said the sequel makes the original look like a Road Runner cartoon."I hate to say 'sequel,' because it usually means retreading the same ground," said Zombie of "The Devil's Rejects" (out July 22), his horror-Western that Lion's Gate recently moved up from late August in light of "unbelievable" test-screening scores. "I kept the major characters that I loved and spun them in a new direction and revamped them. The first movie was more wacky and colorful and tongue-in-cheek; this one is more down and bleak and real."

"The Devil's Rejects" finds the return of several characters from the first film, including ultra creepy Captain Spaulding (Sid Haig), Otis Driftwood (Bill Moseley) and sexy serial killer Baby Firefly (Zombie's wife, Sheri Moon). The film, set in 1978, pays homage to the blood-spattered Westerns of director Sam Peckinpah, as Sheriff John Wydell (character actor William Forsythe) tracks the men who killed his brother.


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