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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The House of Dead Ghosts

From The Boston Globe:

On the fringes of St. Sebastian's School for boys, the House of the Dead Ghosts has endured from the days when Needham was little more than a scattering of farmsteads and knitting shops. The Lemuel Lyon House, a two-story Colonial on Greendale Avenue, is owned by St. Sebastian's and listed by a local commission as one of 76 historically significant homes in Needham, largely because of its original owner -- a hatter, Freemason, and eventual consul to Japan. It owes its nickname to the demise of a subsequent resident. snip The nearly 200-year-old house has been the setting for one of Needham's few enduring ghost stories. In the 1880s, it was home to two elderly sisters. Harriet Curtis was editor of the Lowell Harbinger, a mill magazine published during the heyday of New England's textile industry. After she died, her sister, Laura, became convinced that the house was haunted by evil ghosts. She carried a large-caliber pistol with her to bed each night. Whenever she heard a creak, she would fire the pistol, over time peppering the floor, ceiling, and walls of her bedroom. She later was committed to an institution.
I want this house.


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