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Friday, December 23, 2005

Q&A with Joss Whedon

In USA Today:

Looking back at Serenity's performance at the box office, do you think there's anything more that the fans, or you, could've done to get the word out about the movie? Honestly? Physically? No. I know there's nothing more I could've done, because I collapsed from exhaustion at the end of the publicity tour. And I know there's nothing more the fans could've done, because they were crazy all over themselves. Obviously, Universal could've spent more money on advertising, but I think that's the Catch-22: If you keep spending more, will you necessarily bring out more people? Ultimately, what didn't happen is that we didn't really manage to get a sense of the movie out to people. But that's a hard thing to do; it's a weird movie. And, you know, it crosses a lot of genres, and it's not an easy sell. ... Who knows? Ultimately, you can't really point the finger -- I mean, I'm sure there's plenty of people who are pointing plenty of fingers in every direction -- but it's just a crapshoot. snip Speaking of Buffy, in your mind, where is Buffy Summers today? I don't have to say it in my mind, because I'm gonna be saying it in a comic book. I'm actually going to be writing some Buffy comics to restart the comic book line at Dark Horse. I'm going to be writing the first four ... and basically play it as season eight. I'm going to tell exactly where Buffy went after she left Sunnydale. So you'll have to wait for that answer, but it will come.


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