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Friday, October 28, 2005

History of Halloween

The History Channel has a spooktacular collection of links to Halloween recipes, creepy videos, holiday e-cards, ghost stories and the origins of Halloween. There's a lot to see and do on the site. Most of it appears aimed at the young or the young at heart. In other words, perfect for me. Here's a historic tale of the ghost of the White House.

The ghost of Abigail Adams is seen hurrying toward the East Room, with arms out stretched at if carrying a load of laundry. She can be recognized by the cap and lace shawl she favored in life. Although Abigail Adams is the "oldest" ghost ever to have been encountered at the White House, she is by no means the only former occupant to occasionally wander its halls and great rooms. The home of the American chief executive has been the site of so much intense life it seems only appropriate that from within its walls come stories and legends of presidents and first ladies who linger...after life.


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