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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Some Favorite Travel Haunts

When you get the urge to travel and want to taste a little of the "out of body" experience, may we suggest: The Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, CO

In 2000, Julia Kanellos, the hotel's historian, started taking curious guests past room 904, the onetime residence of Mrs. Crawford Hill. A prominent local figure, Hill spent the last fifteen years of her life in the hotel, dying there in 1955 at age 94. "A few days after we began the tours, the switchboard started getting calls from room 904", recalls Kanellos. The most troubling aspect of these calls was that the room was under renovation at the time and had no power, let alone a telephone. The calls ceased when Kanellos dropped room 904 from the tour.

Hotel Del Coronado, ("The Del"), Coronado, CA

The resident ghost is believed to be Kate Morgan, who, stuck in a bad marriage, ended her life with a gunshot at the hotel in 1892. The room where she stayed is now known as the Kate Morgan Room (Room 3302) and is a popular destination for fans of the paranormal. Visitors have claimed to encounter things that go bump in the night, windows that open and close on their own, objects that move about helter-skelter and lights that turn on and off.
Casa de la Paz, St. Augustine, FL (ironcially named the most "Romantic US B&B "in 2004)
A young bride on her honeymoon came with her new husband as guests of the original owners of the house. On their last day in St. Augustine, the young husband decided to take a boat out for a day of fishing. He told his bride to pack and wait for him at the house because he did not know exactly when he would return. During the day a terrible storm came up, the boat capsized, and he never returned to her. She was so distraught that she stayed in St. Augustine and grieved herself to death. Her spirit has never left the house, waiting for his return. During the time the inn was used as apartments, some tenants reported hearing a knock on the door and a voice saying, "Is it time to leave yet?" Others heard a door shut and saw a figure walking down the hall. Many people have come and gone through the house, yet her soul remains in limbo, waiting for her husband to return. She's often seen at the top of the stairs with her bag packed, ready to depart
One if by Land, Two if by Sea, NY, NY
This romantic restaurant is a history rich hideway on a quiet street, however, it has known to be not so quiet inside. It's resident ghost is one of the building's original owners, Aaron Burr. According to the General Manager, Rosanne Manetta, Burr's ghost and occassionaly that of his beloved daughter Theodosia, who was lost at sea, have been known to thrash about the dining rooms sending dishes and paintings crashing to the floor. Burr, of course, although being Thomas Jefferson's Vice President, was more famous for sending Alexander Hamilton to his early grave in a sunrise duel.


Blogger Carnacki said...

I'd love to do a tour like your itenerary. At the motel we stayed at in Ocracoke, I thought I saw a full figure of a ghost -- not just miasma or ecto -- through the large plate glass window of the office. I was across the street on the deck of the swimming pool and the office was dark inside because it closes at 9 o'clock. I had the strong impression it was a man looking out at me, but something about it, some intuition if you will, made me certain it was not a man standing in the dark, but a ghost. The next morning I didn't ask the owner about because it didn't seem too polite to ask if her office, where she probably spent a lot of hours alone at night, was haunted. But I was strongly tempted to ask her.

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