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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pasadena has more than just the Rose Parade

it's got some spooky history, too. Forget Disney's Haunted House....this tour is a real E-Ticket!

Old Town Haunt Story has it, in 1901, 3 bank robbers successfully entered the bank, blew open 2 of the bank’s basement vault safes, but failed to get away. The building was surrounded by local sheriffs, and then ... they just disappeared. Legend has it that their dynamite explosions, not only open the vaults, but they opened the sealed off catacombs, which apparently, they tried to flee thru ... never to be heard of again ... even though every gold piece stolen was recovered! Soon after, the bank experienced strange things. Strange sounds, empty screams, and finally the disappearance of 2 bank employees and a bank customer that started rumors flying about the “Ghosts of the Bank Robbers” getting revenge on the living. This of course was later dismissed as a local myth. ...Descend into the basement of the historical Union Savings Bank Building where mysterious occurences have taken place in the buildings' deadly 107 year history. In fact, something lives down there in the dark....not some one, but some thing. The basement that was sealed shut for decades is being reopened for your investigation into the unknown.The History of the building is enough to scare most, what will you do when the catacombs and darkness surround you!


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