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Friday, July 22, 2005

Robin Hood's grave concluded

I shut down the comments in the Robin Hood grave thread. It was up to 83 comments (a horror blogosphere record), but one of the commentors decided to threaten me with libel (odd considering I tried repeatedly to play peace maker and to keep people from throwing accusations at each other). I doubt if the commentor had grounds considering that in the United States we do have a First Amendment and for all I know the commentor could have posted libelous material about himself anonymously in order to make the threat. He also referred to an email he sent me that is neither in my inbox or my spam filter. The deciding factor, and probably one that makes me look bad, is I was tired of playing administrator in a post that I didn't care that much about. It was a link to a topic on another site, one of my quick hits. The posters apparently have a long history with each other, some good, some not so good, from elsewhere. I had begun to feel like a party host with guests who I wanted to make welcome, but I hadn't specifically invited. And I was having to spend a lot of time refilling their cups and cleaning up their spills without any of them particularly commenting on what a nice house I had. In other words, except for one or two exceptions, they weren't posting comments in any of my other posts. So if I can keep on with the party metaphor for a moment longer, I turned off the stereo on that post. I passed out the coats. I escorted the guests to the door and closed it. Drive safely going home.


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