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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Haunted cemetery

Man, did I miss out on an exciting ghost hunt. From an email:

I suspect that people living a half mile away from the cemetery could hear the screams from three frightened Ghost Hunters when they watched a tombstone rock back and forth under its own power. The first incident of rocking startled them. The second incident, a minute or two later, scared the yell out of them! There were plenty of witnesses. It happened! It was only one of many strange and eerie events that took place in the graveyard during the Ghost Hunt on Saturday, June 25, 2005. Our time there was all about heart-pounding, unpredictable, and fear-provoking “contact” with the supernatural! The atmosphere was stifling when we arrived; hot, muggy and soupy. Despite a near full moon, it was so dark, one couldn’t see the ground beneath one’s feet. And, almost from the first moment, we knew something was there, watching and waiting. This enormous cemetery is said to date back to the French & Indian War. Somewhere on the site, the famous Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson stood as he spurred his troops on during his January 1861 invasion and capture of Berkeley Springs. The deadly violence of that time has left a legacy of restless ghosts. As teams spread out over the graveyard, Ghost Hunters quicly began to make “Contact!” First, they photographed orbs with clear faces in them, then shimmering blue miasma. Later, they began to report seeing something dark running across the landscape. It was short and dark or tall and dark or bright and thin. More than one entity was darting, dodging and tantalizing the Ghost Hunters. Icy winds blew for a moment or two then stopped. Ghostly activity was everywhere! Then, the ghostly gunfire began; pop, pop, pop from the left then, pop, pop, pop from the right. It was an exchange of ghostly gunfire. Altogether, we heard the echo of 15 shots! It was a record-breaking supernatural event! It was incredible! Sounds could be heard erupting in the trees, like very large birds moving rapidly among the leaves as if they were startled. But, there were no birds. Not one! There are oral histories of the graveyard that tell of flesh-eating birds feeding on the corpses of the dead after the fighting during the Civil War. The sounds we heard were those of heavy, ghostly, flying “somethings.” With the old stories in mind, we moved away very, very quickly. Later in the evening, someone took a photo of the tree. It was filled with orbs…sitting on the branches of the tree! Three Senior Paranormal Investigators were involved in a weird but familiar form of “Contact.” It concerned tobacco, a favorite commodity among Civil War soldiers. One Investigator sat smoking a cigarette while the rest of her team was sitting about 20 yards away. A few minutes later, the smoker’s team called on the Walkie to report they had found her cigarettes sitting beside them on a tombstone. Somehow, a package of cigarettes had moved from one place to another. First, they were seen in the smoker’s hand in one place then, minutes later, they were resting on the base of tombstone in another! The smoker hadn’t moved an inch! Over the years, we have had many tobacco products and candy inexplicably disappear from a Ghost Hunter’s pocket only to be found yards away, carefully posed on a rock, log or tombstone. The placement of the items is always such that it could not have happened accidentally; fourteen lemon drops arranged in a perfect row, three licorice sticks formed into a triangle and cigarettes arranged in a perfect line, like pickets in a fence. It always seems mischievous, perhaps the work of a ghostly child. The “Moving Marlboros” incident in this cemetery was unnerving for the smoker and mesmerizing to those of us who have seen it before. This is a haunted site that never ceases to amaze and startle Ghost Hunters. From the weird, boiling miasma to the prolonged, heavy, rhythmic breathing received over the Walkies, “Contact” there is utterly unpredictable, chillingly powerful, and unmistakably supernatural in origin. Ghost Hunters will be posting their photos and EVP on the Yahoo Group over the next few days. Be sure to check them out. Among them are some very outstanding, very eerie photographs of the supernatural in this graveyard.
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