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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

X-Files sequel planned

The Chicago Sun-Times uncovers the truth. Go read the article for the details. Here's my favorite part:

Speaking of which, guess who watches the show now on TNT? Yes, it's Mulder himself. "When we were making the episodes, I'd say, 'Wow, some of them aren't so good.' But now it's on TNT. I'll be flipping around. I'll see one and say to my wife Tea [Leoni], 'This is really good. And I don't even remember the story, so I'm going to watch the whole thing.' I'll get involved and -- honestly -- I don't remember what happens next.

"Mostly, I'll sit there thinking, 'Mulder and Scully are cool. They have that elusive thing -- chemistry," says Duchovny. He also found chemistry with his wife, who stars in his directorial film debut "House of D," which opens April 29.


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