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Saturday, April 23, 2005

A report on an investigation of a Bunker Hill haunting

The West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters recently investigated a haunted home in Bunker Hill, W.Va.:

On Wednesday, April 20, 2005, Certified Paranormal Experts (CPE) and Certified Senior Paranormal Investigators (CSPE) conducted a Paranormal Investigation of a private home in Bunker Hill, WV. The family contacted the WV Society of Ghost Hunters to ask for our help. The supernatural activity in their home was making them more than a little nervous; a dark ghostly man who glides up their stairs, children who refuse to sleep in their bedroom or walk down the central hallway of the home, and a shadowy woman who floats through the living room! Click on "Link to post" to read the entire report. Bunker Hill is, in a sense, a community of haunted houses! We have investigated dozens of homes in Bunker Hill and found EVERY ONE of them to be haunted! The Civil War was cruel to Bunker Hill and its citizens. The town straddled the only hard-surface road in the Shenandoah Valley. That road stretches from Hagerstown in Maryland, straight south through Falling Waters, Martinsburg, Bunker HIll, Winchester etc. Every army invading the Shenandoah Valley from the north used the road! When General Lee brought his army north to Antietam and Gettysburg, he used the same road. Hot fighting between North and South was inevitable and common along the road. Civilians and soldiers died in Bunker HIll and for miles on either side of the road, their ghosts walk the land and invade the homes to this day! The home we investigated this week was quite typical of homes in Bunker Hill. When we walked in the door, we could feel a heaviness in the air. As we looked around in broad daylight, we could see that some parts of the living room and central hall were much too dark for natural shadow! We found hot spots and areas of intense superantural energy that registered quickly on our instruments. While interviewing the family on the deck and the house was empty, we watched in awe as curtains in the bathroom window moved dramatically away from the glass about 18 inches and then float back into place...not just once, but over and over and over again. Then, we saw bright flashes of supernatural light firing in bedroom windows! Incredible! We came to understand in detail why the family is uncomfortable in the house! Jared S. got a wonderful series of three photos, taken one after the other, as fast as the camera would reset, of a the stair case. In the first, the stair case is bright. In the next, the staircase is filled with a dark, supernatural cloud of miasma. In the third, the stair case is bright again! Bev got a photo of darkmiasma laying on the bed in the master bedroom and felt something invisible sit down beside her as she sat on the bed! Will repeatedly captured unusual spikes of sound in the hallway that scares the kids. Oddly, he was recording active decible levels but we couldn't hear anything! Ghostly sounds are so strange! The photo of the evening was taken by Jared. As usual in these homes the Ghost Hunters photograph every glass or mirrored surface since ghosts are often captured in reflection on glass surfaces. Jared captured a small bright light in the glass of one wall-hanging. After careful checking, we were certain that this wasn't flashback, or the reflection of any man-made light source. When Jared blew this spot up using his computer software, it was the face of a ghostly Native American woman, complete with feather in her hair! Needless to say, we certified the house as haunted! [Note: Many investigations of private homes and complex haunted "hot spots" are done by Paranormal Investigators at the most senior levels of certification. Our weekly Paranormal Investigations and by-weekly Ghost Hunts are where folks gain experience to prepare themselves to tackle the very complex or dangerous ghost hunts.]
The West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters held a ghost hunt and camp out at the Paw Paw Tunnel of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal tonight. I was disappointed I couldn't go because of a scheduling conflict. But with the temperature at 46 degrees and a hard, cold wind blowing, I'm kind of glad I couldn't make it afterall.


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that song in the video is indeed haunted...

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